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  • Central Europe

    VIDEO: Meet exchange students from Central Europe - some are just arriving, while others are heading home.
  • Mediterranean

    VIDEO: Meet three Italian students who have just arrived for their exchange year.
  • Nordic Countries

    VIDEO: Meet some fantastic Nordic students who are about to begin their exchange year.
  • Northeast Asia

    VIDEO: Hear from students from Northeast Asia who share their impressions of America, both before and after their exchange.
  • Southeast Asia

    VIDEO: Hear from some great students from Southeast Asia as they share their exchange experiences.

Become a Host Family

"When you host an exchange student, it’s wonderful to see them mature right before your eyes. Plus, my own girls have become more flexible and hospitable, and now they want to travel and see the world."
- Amber, Host Mom, Texas

Become a Local Coordinator

"Not only have I seen students' lives changed in my many years with EF, I have also seen host families open to the world in ways that would have never happened without exchange. "

- Lori, International Exchange Coordinator, Kansas