Become a Local Coordinator

Place and Mentor International Exchange Students!

International Exchange Coordinators (IECs) are vital to the success of high school exchange. Our IECs work in their own communities to recruit caring host families and match them with the right student, they work with the local high schools for our students to attend, and they support both students and families throughout the exchange year. As the leader in global youth exchange, EF High School Exchange Year provides better support, benefits and training to our coordinators than any other exchange organization.

EF High School Exchange Year has a diverse national network of more than 800 dedicated IECs who are passionate about connecting their communities to the world through student exchange. IECs are not employees, and although they are rewarded for their efforts, a “volunteer spirit” is essential.

To learn more about becoming an IEC, call 1-800-447-4273 or fill out our interest form and a Recruitment Manager will contact you within two business days.

"I love working with my families and students. We have so much fun together, we learn so much and laugh so often. And when it's time to take the students to the airport at the end of the year, we cry together. Being an IEC has enriched my life more than I can say." - Jan, IEC since 1993, South Dakota

Student Countries

EF High School Exchange Year exchange students come from 15 countries including Taiwan, Germany, Italy, and Norway. Learn more about the history, customs and culture of these countries by visiting our 'Student Countries' pages.

Meet Our Exchange Students

Connect with a student who has common interests with your family, such as a love of music, art, sports or cooking.