Host an Exchange Student

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Few experiences can spark an interest in the world like opening your home to an exchange student. By hosting, families connect to their communities in exciting new ways and create life-changing friendships. They share the American way of life with enthusiastic students who become part of the family, and expose their own children to international cultures. Hosting an exchange student offers a profound experience that does more than change your world view. It changes your life - forever.

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Amber Host Mother Testimonial
"We have three daughters, and Emma, our exchange student, couldn’t have fit in more beautifully. When you host a student, your own family grows, too. My girls have learned to be more flexible and hospitable, and now they want to travel and see more of the world. It’s been amazing." - Amber, Host Mom, Texas

Student Countries

EF High School Exchange Year exchange students come from 15 countries including Taiwan, Germany, Italy, and Norway. Learn more about the history, customs and culture of these countries by visiting our 'Student Countries' pages.

Meet Our Exchange Students

Connect with a student who has common interests with your family, such as a love of music, art, sports or cooking.