Host Family Testimonials

Below are testimonials from just a few of EF High School Exchange Year's many host families. Host families come in all shapes and sizes, and the exchange experience means something different to each and every one.

 The Villarreal Family, California

Host Family Henry-Villareal"My children developed a very close relationship with the students we hosted. They ended up going to Germany with their German exchange brother Marc and will be going to Spain this year with their Spanish exchange brother Javier. What worked well for us was being able to go through profiles the IEC provided, and match the exchange students with similar interests as our children. Our children and both exchange students have been able to bond and form a lifelong relationship. Our German exchange student Marc has been gone for a year, and we all continue to communicate via Skype. Our children's exposure to this program has broadened their minds. They have taken a genuine interest in learning a second language and now have the "travel bug.” They realize there is more to this world than the U.S.A." 

 The Stage Family, Virginia

Host Family Gretta Stage"Hosting an exchange student has been one of the best experiences of my life. Sau has become a part of our family, and I hope our families will be a part of each other lives for generations. So many people said we took such a chance allowing someone into our home, but I feel the student takes the bigger chance. They leave their family, friends and country. They take a leap of faith that the person they stay with in America will be kind, generous and helpful. My sole focus was to make this the best possible experience any child could have. I couldn't have been placed with any better child or team. Thank you all so much!"


 The Sheffield Family, Nebraska

Host Family Sheffield"This year has been more than we could have ever dreamed of. We will miss our student more than we thought possible. He has truly become a part of our family."





The Labrum Family, Utah

Host Family Labrum"This year has been wonderful. We feel like we have added another daughter to our family. We love our student and cherish the opportunity to have had her in our home. EF Foundation has been wonderful to work with and I really feel that the organization does a great job with the whole process. Thank you for this opportunity, and if and when we choose to host again, we will certainly choose EF."


 The Forslund Family, Minnesota

Host Family Forslund"This year was exceptionally good. Our student's behavior was absolutely perfect for the year. Kwan tried everything, made her own friends, joined in family and community events that we were involved in. She tried sports, band, choir and several other one-time events at the school. Whoever selected her for the program did a fantastic job. Our IEC was very good at answering our questions and seemed to always be available. We will be hosting our 4th student next year!"



The Rothstein Family, Minnesota

Host Family Rothstein"We are very thankful that we decided to host students six years ago. What a rewarding experience, for not only our family, but our friends and the other students in our school system. After six years, we have decided to take a break from hosting and will be traveling to other countries and visiting past exchange students and their families. Hosting has enabled us to extend our family, not only with students, but also their families and relatives. Two grandmothers of students came to visit us while we were hosting their grandchildren. How wonderful of them to take the time to meet us, and also experience a little of what their grandchildren were telling them about! I tell people all the time about our rewarding experience with the EF High School Exchange Year program. Thank you for all you do for the students, the IECs and for us!"

 The Spencer Family, Nebraska

"We have become so attached to Antonio, our most recent exchange student. He has become a part of our family. It was difficult to put him on an airplane to go back home. There were many tears for sure. We definitely will miss Antonio. From his Spanish accent to his bubbly, outgoing personality and his quirkiness, there will be an emptiness in our home, and it will take some time to get used to him being gone. Both of my children will be at college in the fall, so I will take this time to thank you for the opportunity that you have given my children and me, as well as my extended family, and the opportunity to be involved with the EF High School Exchange Year. It was a great experience that we will never forget."

The Mitchell Family, Mississippi

"We have had a great experience getting to know our exchange student, and it has been a wonderful experience for our grandchildren. We will miss her when she returns to Italy. We're hoping she will be able to visit with us again in the future. Hosting has been a good experience for all of us."