Meet Norway

      Norway is a Nordic country in Northern Europe, occupying the western portion of the Scandinavian peninsula. Norway has a total area of 239,384 mi² and a population of about 4.8 million, making it one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe. Norway is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy, with King Harald V as its head of state and Erna Solberg as its prime minister. Norway has continually maintained the #1 spot on the Human Development Index, with top ranks in education, life expectancy and standards of living.

      Traditional Food

      • Smoked Salmon Quiche

        Smoked Salmon Quiche

        It is no wonder that the world's largest supplier of salmon has such a wide variety of ways to prepare this delicious fish. While dishes of lamb are also hugely popular in Norway, nothing compares to the fish dishes available throughout this Nordic country. Cod, trout and lye fish join salmon on the list of most celebrated foods in Norway.

      Country Info

      Capital: Oslo
      Population: 4,827,038

      Student Snapshot

      Norway is a very athletically-minded nation and physical fitness and exercise are important to most people. Most youth participate in some form of physical activity, most commonly soccer, handball, skiing, basketball, cycling and walking (hiking) in the mountains.

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      Fun Facts

      • Following the financial crisis of 2007–2010, bankers deemed the Norwegian krone to be one of the most solid currencies in the world.
      • Norway was rated the most peaceful country in the world, in a survey conducted by Global Peace Index in 2007.
      • Organized education in Norway dates as far back as medieval times.
      • Norway is among the most expensive places to purchase gasoline, despite being one of the world's leading oil exporters.


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